Best Beetle - We Are

Once upon a time, around 1984 there was a little workshop in Cape Town which specialised in VW Beetle repairs.

One sunny day, the owner of the workshop Chris, stopped at the side of the road to help a young man whose car had broken down. 

On closer inspection, Chris discovered the broken down car needed to come to the ...

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Best Beetle - Our Cars

What glorious days we had, when leaving the VW factory in Port Elizabeth in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Shiny new paint work covered our exterior bodies while our interior smelled as fresh as a daisy and everything worked perfectly.

These days, 30 to 40 years later, rusted, dented and painted with a brush, we still have wonderful days because, we are ...

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Best Beetle - Rental Rates

Our rental rates are cheap - FULL STOP!

Best Beetle Rental Rates

To be able to offer you these low rates everyone has to play their part. Our easy to understand rental contract specifies the terms and conditions of the rental and you can download, view and print it before you contact us, so you know exactly what to expect.

Best Beetle Contract

Best Beetle - Call Us

You are sure you want to have a fun filled time with our beetles?


Call +27 (0) 73 115 79 88
or +27 (0) 81 319 63 90

Or drop us a line

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We are in Cape Town and arrange pick-ups within the Cape Town area and from the airport.

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